Poseidon - Ocean Contract Management
Poseidon is simple to use

Money Saving Tool

With Poseidon™ you will save money, lots of it, always!

Web Based

Poseidon™ doesn't require installation or maintenance. It can be accessed anytime and anywhere in the world, from any computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access and a modern web browser.

Simple to Use

Poseidon™ has been designed to be so simple and intuitive that no training is necessary.
(But we offer it anyway!)

Seamless Integration

Whatever your workflow is, Poseidon™ seamlessly integrates into your supply chain to always make the correct decision. It can work side by side with your current logistics software, so there is no implementation required!

Handling the Whole World

No matter where you are shipping from and to, Poseidon™ will work.

Multimodal and Intermodal

Port - rail - door? No problem. Whether it is via ocean, truck, rail, barge, etc. or any combination of transportation and service modes, Poseidon™ handles the most complex contracts and simplifies them.

Both FCL and LCL

No matter which service you use, Poseidon™ will show you what service is cost effective.

Poseidon handles the whole world
You can show or hide any information

To the Point - See Only What You Need

Poseidon™ presents only the information required to make a decision, nothing more and nothing less.
(All other valuable information is still just one click away!)

At a Glance

Poseidon™ will simplify all the complex variables and processes in a way which shows you what you need instantly!

Complete Cost Visibility

Poseidon™ displays the full price including contract pricing and all additional surcharges that are identified on the carrier's agreement. One more click and you see all the components which make up the final price.

Vessel Schedules

Poseidon™ accesses the vessel schedule of most carriers allowing you to choose the voyage which meets your deadline.

Vessel schedules
All currency exchanges are converted


Poseidon™ automatically converts any given charges from any currency into USD or the currency of your choice. Poseidon™ uses the up-to-date currency exchange rate.


Poseidon™ allows you to forecast more accurately, based on current costs and future increases that will come into effect.


The supply chain includes many people in different departments: sales, purchasing, traffic, etc. Poseidon™ allows you to add multiple users for each individual step of your workflow.

Top Level Security

Poseidon™ uses state-of-the-art 256 bits encryption.

You Define What Users Can See

  • John can see the prices of a search, but not the contracts.
  • Jane from Purchasing needs to see all your origin shipments.
  • Your supplier only needs to see the ETA.
In Poseidon™, you choose what you want your users to see.
Users can't see the price, but see the score
Always make the best decision

Highest Return of Investment

With Poseidon™ you will save by:

  • Reducing errors on your contracts.
  • Always making the best decision.
  • Saving on employees and associates time.
  • Increasing your efficiency.

Time is Money

Poseidon™ does all the hard work for you: no more manual work! All this valuable time saved in automated processes will save from 5% to 20% in employees' time.

Free Analysis of Contracts

When you upload a contract, Poseidon™ will run a series of tests to verify all your information and search for errors or discrepancies.

Best Price

Poseidon™ has the lowest price in the industry.


Lionshine developed Poseidon software to help manage ocean contracts.

poseidon software

Ocean contracts management is so simple with Lionshine software. The freight cost is calculated instantly, including the surcharges updated to the moment. The rate calculation is instantaneous, helping produce a faster quotation to your clients.

surcharge update system

In an instant, get access to the current surcharges

ocean contract manager

Provides a global pricing tool to get fast all your rates.

freight calculator

The freight calculator works with FCL and LCL.

steamship software

Poseidon Engine is the best and easiest to use steamship software. Allows to publish your tariff and quote faster than any other software or service.

freight cost management

Lionshine's freight cost management software Poseidon.

>NVOCC and freight forwarder software